Hello and happy Monday! I apologize to those who actually read what I have to say for being MIA last week. But for a good reason! Long story short, I am now a paid photographer! Anywho, here are a few things from the interweb that have caught my eye.  

    Typographic designs will forever have a place in my heart. I just wish I had the skill and creative juices to churn out something like Noel Shiveley or Jennet Liaw

    I still have yet to take my Pentax Spotmatic out for a day of shooting, only because I’m lacking a replacement for its mercury battery. So, in the meantime, I’ve been perusing the Lomography site for photos tagged with Pentax Spotmatic. All of them are so beautiful, it makes waiting really hard. Here are my favorites by kiri-girl, polafreud, and davidb

  2.  Happy Film Photography Day! 
And happy Saturday! 
    High Res

     Happy Film Photography Day! 

    And happy Saturday! 

  3. Upcycled Floppy Disk Holder

    I came across a floppy disk holder at the thrift store and immediately thought about using it as container to hold my Polaroids, using dark slides as dividers. It makes for easy access for viewing or retrieval.

  4. INSPOS W3

    one every time I see an old Polaroid Land camera, I want to take mine out and shoot amazing portraits. This photgraph by CHUN AN does just that. Actually, all of CHUN AN’s photos are inspiring (Can we be friends??) Anyhow, I have a couple of new filters and lenses that I’ve been wanting to use with my Land model 103, including a portrait lens. via

    two and three I love, love, love night photography. Still have yet to master it. via here and here

    four if I had time for scrapbooking, I would put all my inspirations in a scrapbook and decorate it with cool typography and washi tape and papers with varying thickness. What with managing my shop, actual work and studying, I really cant find the time.  In the meantime I guess looking at other people’s works and posting them here will suffice. via

    five I don’t know why, but #thingsorganizedneatly are inspiring. I may not be a total neat-freak, but I’m not messy either. I find myself drawn to neat compositions such as this one. Also, any Herschel photograph makes me want to pack up my Pop Quiz backpack and go traveling. via

    six Lately, I’ve been looking to tweak up my shop in the packaging department to make receiving a package from me really special. The Etsy seller handbook has a lot of great tips. via

  5. Explore your surroundings

    Exloring the Lakeside neighborhood, former location of US Steel South Works.